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The kanthari campus, Trivandrum, India
The kanthari campus, Trivandrum, India

«art braille kanthari» opens in Zurich in November 2017. Photo: kanthari campus, Trivandrum, India

My most recent adventure has brought me to India, and marks my seventy-first country. Since early May, I’ve been backpacking through Southern India, gathering inspiration for my my next project: «art braille kanthari». For this trip, I’ve teamed up with «kanthari», a charitable organization that empowers social visionaries around the world ( My trek started at the kanthari campus in Trivandrum, India, were I got to meet the founders of kanthari and spend a week watching and photographing the new students begin their 7 month training program…
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The Smoke that Thunders Exhibition Catalog as PDF

As my most recent exhibition is coming to an end this week, I am releasing the full 31 page color catalog of the exhibition as a PDF.

The catalog includes full color photographs of the paintings, sculpture, and a collection of the photos from the exhibition. Also, read some of the background stories an see some of the photos that inspired the paintings.

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Paradise by the Waterhole, 2016, Abstract Landscape painting

During my African adventure, waterholes were always a prime location for me to sit by and enjoy nature while watching the amazing animals of the bush interact. One of many benefits to driving and guiding myself on this trip was the freedom to go whereever I wanted and stay as long as I wanted. If I had taken a guided game drive, this would have all been decided by the guide and others in the group, and I’m sure that I would never have been able to capture the photographs I did, or discover the incredible inspiration that I found. This what inspired my abstract landscape painting, “Paradise by the Waterhole”.

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The Smoke that Thunders: Art Exhibition

“The Smoke that Thunders” An exhibition inspired by Pisani’s recent self drive and self guided adventure Safari in Africa.

“The Smoke That Thunders” is my next solo exhibition of paintings, photographs & sculpture inspired by my recent self-driven & self-guided safari adventure through the African Bush. From 26. January till 18. March 2017 at the Galerie Le Sud in Zürich. Under the patronage of the permanent mission of Zambia to the United Nations (UNO), Geneva.

The Idea for this trip was simple… Step One: Fly to Lusaka, Zambia to pick up a specially modified, 4×4 truck at the airport from a guy nicknamed “Snake”.
Step Two: Ride off into the African “Bush” with dreams of hunting “The Big 5” game with a camera while savoring my self-guided safari as the inspiration for my next series of art work…

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Travel Photography Rules of the Road, Part One: Travel Photo Tips
Travel Photography Tips to getting Better photos while you are on the road.

Trying new perspectives (in this case actually crawling out on to the rickety bow) can mean a great shot, or no shot at all.

After more than seventy countries of travel photography experience already under my camera bag, I decided to share some of my best photo tips to help you start making better photos next time you hit the road.

1. The Best Camera is the Camera you Have with You!
Not sure who originally said this, but it’s pure photo gold for its simplicity. Now personally, I’m not about to trade in my bulky SLR for a compact camera, despite how much easier it might sometimes make things. I accept this as part of my photography game and lug my heavy camera bag along with me where ever I–whether I feel like it or not. (See my article about “Adventure Traveling with Camera: Tips on What Photo Gear to Bring & How to Carry it” for some tips on making life on the road easier with a big photo kit.) However, if you find that you’re often leaving your camera back in your room because it is too big and heavy to carry, then you should seriously consider getting a compact camera. How many times have you seen an potentially amazing capture only to realize that you left your camera in your room?

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Joseph Pisani: Guest Art Teacher. Q&A with a 6th grade art class from Caracas, Venezuela.
Joseph Pisani: Guest Art Teacher. Q&A with a 6th grade art class from Caracas, Venezuela.

Joseph Pisani: Guest Artist… Photo by Lisa Allen.

Over the past few years, I’ve been invited into a few elementary school classrooms as a guest art teacher / guest artist, which has always been a great experience for me.
Recently, this took on a new form: a long distance Q&A with the sixth grade students from Escuela Campo Alegre in Caracas, Venezuela.

As Art teacher, Lisa Allen, explains:
“My sixth grade students have been studying Abstract Expressionism and looking at many old masters such as Barnett Newmann, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko, but also at the work of contemporary artist Joseph Pisani. Prior units in the course take them through several topics in color theory, including varying cultural responses to colors, practicing monochromatic painting, and a special exploration into using non-traditional painting tools to create unique textures and layering effects in acrylic paints…”

Below are some of the questions from the students. Also included are some of the student’s paintings: their own wonderful interpretations of abstract expressionism!

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