“How to do Everything in Just One Lifetime”

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What was the idea behind How to do Everything in Just One Lifetime?
People often ask me about “How to do Everything in Just One Lifetime” as if there is supposed to be a question mark on the end of this title. Well, I never ever intended on putting one there, and I still don’t think it belongs, despite the daunting feat this may imply.

The idea of doing everything came to me in a daydream, while counting birthdays past. I realized that my minutes were quickly blurring into decades, and I hadn’t even noticed that a lifetime was escaping like a swoosh of air from a bright red balloon.

I quickly grabbed my trusty web browser and saw that there are 195 countries in this world, and I had only visited 71 of them… And, there are all those paintings that still need to be painted, the book that I’ve been writing, and all those dreams that I’m still dreaming! Clearly, there isn’t enough time to do it all, is there?

The idea of, How to do Everything in Just One Lifetime, is certainly open to interpretation, because it means something amazingly unique to each of us. And, why not: if you’d like to add a question mark onto the end of this statement, please feel free to do so. There’s no sense in debating a small detail like this when there’s so many other important dreams still left undone.

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