Artist Joseph Pisani with Anna Maier and his painted Natuzzi Chair
Artist Joseph Pisani with Anna Maier and his painted Natuzzi Chair

Artist Joseph Pisani with Anna Maier and his commissioned Natuzzi art chair at the opening exhibition of the new flagship store in Zurich.

Natuzzi, the elegant and innovative Italian design company recently commissioned me to paint one of their beautiful leather chairs… I’m very happy to announce, in coordination with the opening of Natuzzi’s new flagship store in Zurich, and in partnership with the ART BANKING CLUB, my “Natuzzi” work of art is currently on display at Talstrasse 9, in this beautiful new location until Spring.

The process was a fresh and exciting one that I was happy to take part in and experiment with. My inspiration, however, was already long a part of me and my travel lifestyle

At first glance, a chair may seem quite simple-a ubiquitous piece of every home. However, for me, an artist that draws inspiration from exotic destinations, I see different forms of chairs just about everywhere. In a car, plane, boat, bus, train, tuk-tuk, or even at a boarding gate just waiting… Chairs are often where I spend time anticipating my next arrival.

Back at home, a chair is my place to ponder potential voyages while smiling brightly, or blissfully reflect about the pleasures of past journeys already complete. On this chair, I was inspired to portray the stories of my recent adventures intertwined with new potential places yet to be discovered-a journal and a wish list forever sealed in red and blue and brown. For me, a chair is a place to relax, rest, and dream… After all, I have long believed that “Every Great Journey Begins with a Dream.”

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My Chair

joseph Pisani's painted Natuzzi art chairssion

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