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Headed to a jungle bungalow for the night... ended up being even harder to get to than it looks.
Headed to a jungle bungalow for the night... ended up being even harder to get to than it looks: Artistic Inpirational Travel.

Headed to a jungle bungalow for the night… ended up being even harder to get to than it looks.

If you haven’t been able to reach me over the past few months, there was a rather good reason why. I just arrived back from a three+ month adventure trek across South East Asia & beyond. The journey was filled with a welcome overload of artistic inspirational travel, and a lifetime worth of memories, and plenty of awesome travel photos to base my next abstract paintings on.

As usual, the journey wasn’t planned out more than a plane ticket, the first night’s hotel accommodation, and a few potential ideas. Rather than set stringent travel plans, I let serendipity guide me, and as usual, ended up finding some amazing places I wouldn’t have even thought to plan a trip to, including many exotic (and some more touristy as well) destinations in Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the mega-city Hong Kong…

Not only did I rack up five new countries for my world travel destination list, I successfully ended another amazing travel adventure. Having endured wild charging rhinos while on safari near the Indian border, battled 104+ degree fever (40+ degree C) and a horrible illness in Burma (including an incredibly surreal visit to a Burmese hospital), even crawled through snake infested temples in Cambodia, I feel the next few months will be relatively slow going. Don’t get me wrong, the trip was absolutely incredible, despite (or somewhat due to) all of the crazy happenings along the way. Luckily, I have enough artistic inspiration, as well as a few interesting stories, to last a lifetime, and am ready to start painting again.

Some of the trip photos are already on line in the Travel Photography Gallery.

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