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Artist Joseph Pisani

While traversing the globe, with little more than a one-way plane ticket, backpack and his camera, Pisani searches out exotic experiences, collecting them in photographs and memories. Back at home, in his studio, he transcribes these experiences into large scale abstract paintings & sculptures...

Abstract Paintings

Joseph Pisani's abstract paintings are inspired by his extensive travel, as well as philosophy & psychology. The journey motif is further reinforced in his art work by etchings & tally marks carved on the canvases that help tell his story, portraying both his actual adventures as well as the metaphorical journey through life...

Abstract Photography

Abstract art photography as well as his travel and journalistic photos are a large parts of Pisani's creative art process. This process helps him to discover hidden details, colors and structure through the viewfinder, while allowing him to «blur the lines between real and what is abstract» and inspire...