Joseph Pisani Live in Concert

Live in Concert Zurich, 25. March, 2023

Artist Pisani on stage performing at a recent concert in Zurich.

Join me for a night of acoustic rock and roll! I'm headed back on stage to perform an acoustic concert on Saturday, 25. March 2023, at 20:15h in Zurich. During this special evening, I'll be playing some of my own, original songs mixed in between some popular covers by bands like U2, Tom Petty, Passenger, Neil Young, The Beatles, Van Morrison...

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My former life as a Rock Musician

Many don't actually know that before I went full time artist, I was the founder, lead guitarist and singer for “The Acoustic Denial”, a New York based rock band, performing hundreds of concerts both with the band and solo on stages across the USA, Europe, and beyond. These included shows at The Fox Theater, in Colorado. U Malého Glena, in Prague, The Kiff, in Aarau, as well as a live concert on RadioLora

Pisani is returning to his rock and roll roots with a live, acoustic rock concert, mixing his own original songs with his favorite influences like: U2, Tom Petty, Passenger, Neil Young...

Reflecting about past concerts and the transition into a full time artist

It was a long road from professional musician into artist, and many of the creative aspects still overlap. I've reflected about this transition on many occasions. One particular memory I have about it was during the start of a packed show I performed in Colorado. While heading out of the dressing room onto the stage, I walked past a poster announcing that Chuck Berry would be performing the following night, on that very same stage! I realized I was headed in the right direction, but it made it even harder to decide where I should go or what I should do next… These thoughts still stir, inspiring me to pick up my trusty guitar and get back out there from time to time...

Join me on Saturday, 25. March in Zurich at McGee's Irish Pub!

DATE: Saturday, 25. March, 2023 at 20:15h
LOCATION: McGee's Irish pub in Zurich
ADDRESS: Birmensdorferstr. 83, 8003 Zurich, (located across from Bahnhof Wiedikon and trams 9 & 14).

Free entry, but do come early to get a seat!
Or, send me an email, and I'll reserve you a spot (as long as there are still any left).

And, a special thank you to Vesa Eskola for the great photos!

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