Installation Art Art Beyond the Canvas

This section contains a selection of installation art as well as other art pieces I've created that have been exhibited along side my paintings at past art exhibitions. These installation pieces are juxtaposed in my exhibitions to reinforce the theme and concept, as a way of engulfing the viewer more three dimensionally in the theme and experience. As I like to explain it: "It allows the artwork to bleed onto the exhibition space floor, and engulf the viewers more three dimensionally, helping them to relive the experiences that I had while the inspiration was found, or as the creation was born."

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Installation Art TSTT African Tent Pisani Painted Leather Chair commissioned by Natuzzi The Voynnich Manuscript hand painted chairs front view Every great Journey Begins with a Dream painted suitcase Guitar case with flags and country decals from every country the guitar was carried in Sontaneous Eruptions sketch book on table with paint brushes and palatte knife Eisel with unfinished painting on canvas and paint covered rag. All My Worldly Possessions, acrylic paintined on three suitcases Mixed media painting with watch glued to canvas