Art Portfolio Contemporary Abstract Paintings, Photography & Installation Art

Abstract Paintings on Canvas, Paper & Wood

contemporary abstract paintings and abstract landscapes inspired by adventure travel

A selection of contemporary abstract paintings inspired by my adventure travel, philosophy and psychology. The journey motif is further reinforced by etchings, scratches and tally marks throughout the canvases that help to tell the story behind each painting as well as 'counting days' — portraying both my actual trips as well as a metaphorical journey through life that we all make with the limited time we have to live.


Fine Art & Travel Photography

travel photography and journalistic photos as inspiration for paintings

This section contains a selection of my travel and Fine Art photographs. These photos are my way of capturing my thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences while on the road searching out exotic inspiration. They are an integral part of my artist process and often become the inspirational seeds for many of my abstract paintings, installations and exhibition themes.


Abstract Photography

abstract photography

This section contains a selection of my abstract photography. Abstract photography is a large part of my creative process, especially while traveling. It helps me to see otherwise hidden details, colors and structure, as well as allowing me to blur the lines between what is real and what is abstract. It's often that I find inspiration while looking through the camera's lens...


Installation Art...

installation art and sculpture

This section contains a selection of installation art as well as other art pieces I've created that have been exhibited along side my paintings at past art exhibitions. These installation pieces are juxtaposed in my exhibitions to reinforce the theme and concept, as a way of engulfing the viewer more three dimensionally in the theme and experience. As I like to explain it: «It allows the artwork to bleed onto the exhibition space floor, and engulf the viewers more three dimensionally, helping them to relive the experiences that I had while the inspiration was found, or as the creation was born.»